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Oi Musica creates inspirational musical experiences – for experienced players and novices alike. Our projects, events and workshops celebrate the joy of group music making, and we are passionate about increasing participation in music throughout Scotland.

Our work is inspired and informed by a diverse skill set, with our combined experience including marching band, samba bateria and digital music, as well as outdoor arts, education, international collaborations and professional performance.

We work across the education and events sectors, with extensive experience in both. We run our own projects and programmes as well as working as guest artists, educators and musicians on a wide range of external projects. We specialise in the following three areas:

Street Bands

A catch-all term for any kind of music that can be made out of doors, on the move and with no need for amplification – the street band offers endless exciting possibilities. We work predominantly with samba drums and brass sections, but we’re happy to include all sorts. Every street band is different, involving anything from half a dozen players right up to 100 massed drummers.

Our passion for creating and working with street bands continues to flourish with each new project. We have established a number of groups in communities throughout Scotland – both adult and youth – and we continue to work with many on a long term basis.

We offer everything from one off taster sessions and open have-a-go workshops to educational programmes, massed band extravaganzas and advice and support for setting up your own street band. Just get in touch!

Digital Music Making

Our digital music making workshops provide participants with the opportunity to use drum machines, samplers, keyboards, record decks and effects units. Working with hardware in this way – as opposed to using music software on a screen – allows participants to develop musical skills that are tactile and hands on. Players can develop their musicianship in a tangible way, with the added possibility of making music in a group. Our digital music workshops can be tailored either towards creating a band, or to developing individual music writing and arranging skills.

Team Building

Music has an incredible power to unite. It is a fantastic and effective tool for creating meaningful shared experiences. We have worked with a host of organisations, companies and businesses to create accessible and rewarding activities, using music as a tool for bringing people together. Whether you’d like something structured and challenging, or just a fun shared experience away from the office, Oi Musica can create bespoke team events to suit any organisation, big or small.

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photos by Chrisdonia (chrisdonia@gmail.com)

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