February 2019 – Our new premises in Portobello

Last month we finally opened our doors to celebrate our brand new workspace! Here’s a short film of the Launch Party – a small but perfectly formed gathering of friends, colleagues & musicians who came together at Tribe Porty to warm our new home, join in the music and raise a glass to the start of a new chapter for Oi Musica. Thanks to everyone who made it along!

Thanks also to Heather Longwall Films for capturing the evening on film.

Co-working, social enterprise and finding our home

We are now permanently based at Tribe Porty, 19-21 Windsor Place, Edinburgh EH15 1DT.

This development has been a complete game changer for us as an organisation, after nearly 4 years of short term leases, 5 studio moves, 7 different lock ups and infinite packing & unpacking. Over the moon doesn’t cover it!

Not only have we found a secure home, but we’ve also joined the exciting wider project that is Tribe Porty. This place is fantastic – please drop by if you’re in the area to see co-working, collaboration & community-building in action! Tribe Porty is a social enterprise, aiming to nurture growth, create connections and support human potential through work, art and quality of life. We’re very happy to be part of it.

The timing was perfect for us, as Oi Musica officially became a social enterprise in June 2018 – a month or two before we got the keys to Tribe! Being based in a building with lots of other social enterprises as well as charities, small business and freelancers continues to provide inspiration, support, practical advice and the kind of solidarity that’s hard to find in a regular office block!


The Build…

After a visit to Tribe Porty’s newly acquired premises (underneath its existing venue on Windsor Place) early in 2018, we took a leap that felt risky but right, and committed to undertaking  a big (for us) build project. The challenge was to create a sound proof creation space and Oi Musica office in the middle of the building, plus outdoor storage big enough for all our equipment and workshop instruments. Thank god for lifelong pals and skilled craftsmen / acoustics geeks Greg Molleson and Ben Seal! Plus a team of skilled helpers including Bob Furness (jobs for the boys!), Fin Loening and Phil Hardie.

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