THANK YOU to everyone who has been in touch about ‘Enough is Enough’. We are bowled over by the response it has received and by the hundreds of groups who have expressed interest in being involved. It has reached far more people than we anticipated or even dared to hope, and it’s been amazing to see registrations of interest not only from groups all over Scotland and the UK, but across the globe from Denmark to the Dominican Republic and New York State to New Delhi!

Frequently Asked Questions: we created this page in December 2020 to provide more information about ‘Enough is Enough’, answer the most common questions we have received and respond to feedback. If there are other questions we can answer here, please get in touch


What are your plans for this piece of music?

‘Enough is Enough’ is an invitation to engage with the COP26 Climate Conference via collective music-making and song. It is intended as a source of inspiration, and not as a definitive version or a final presentation of the piece. We hope that future adaptations, collaborations and inspirations reach just as big an audience as this first version has – if not bigger!


Can I buy it?

It’s free! The composition is released on a Creative Commons license, rather than a commercial license, to ensure that it can be used, adapted and distributed freely and widely by others. All future adaptations and iterations of the work are also licensed in the same way, ensuring that the composition cannot be used for commercial gain. The project is not for profit – it’s for sharing.

You can download the piece here

Full license details can be found here


How did the project come about?

‘Enough is Enough’ is the result of a short pilot project that took place from September – November 2020. The aims of the pilot were to compose, record and share a new piece of music, and to test whether the idea of a mass musical response to COP26 has potential. The pilot was orginally intended to culminate in a live performance; COVID restrictions meant project plans had to be adapted.

It was a collaboration between Oi Musica, folk musician and songwriter Karine Polwart, and the all-welcome Soundhouse Choir, led by Heather Macleod. This core artistic team is based in and around Edinburgh, in Scotland. Our project was funded by Creative Scotland, with a contribution from the Wellbeing Economy Alliance.

The project was designed and produced by Oi Musica. We are a participative music organisation and a social enterprise, run by a small team of two. Much of our everyday work focuses on removing barriers to music-making, whether those barriers are practical, financial, age-based or about cultural perceptions of who music is for.


How was the recording created?

The piece was recorded in stages. Heather had tested the process of recording a digital choir in August 2020, working with engineer and producer Marty Hailey at Metro13Music in Edinburgh. The learning from this and their existing working relationship were key to our project’s success – enabling us to scale up this process when 130 people signed up to the Soundhouse Choir’s Autumn term. Singers recorded themselves on mobile phones at home, resulting in no less than 1,500 individual audio files!

These were expertly added to a studio track recorded by Marty at Chamber Studio in Edinburgh.  Here, we were able to record Karine’s lead vocals and a small core band of socially distanced professional musicians. The track took 6 full days to record, edit, mix and master – the majority of this time spent editing and mixing the choir’s audio files.

We are proud that a collaboration that welcomed singers of all levels of experience has had national UK radio play – described by Mark Radcliffe of BBC Radio 2 at “An incredible track – what a remarkable collaboration”.


Can I join the Soundhouse Choir?

Yes! The Soundhouse is an all-welcome choir, with a fresh intake every term adding to a committed core membership. No experience necessary. Due to currently operating on Zoom, you don’t have to be based in or anywhere near Edinburgh. More info about their upcoming Spring term here


Who produced and who is featured in the video?

We commissioned a film collaboration between our existing colleagues, Stephan Talneau, a French filmmaker based in Istanbul, and Heather Longwell, based in Glasgow. Dancer Manuela Benini, originally from Brazil, was filmed by Stuart Wilson in London. Although COVID presented many challenges in creating this work, it also provided the opportunity to learn quickly about working with an international team that was scattered across multiple locations and 2 time zones

We wanted our music video to serve as an open invitation to get involved in a bigger, broader COP26 project next year. In addition to Soundhouse Choir, and Karine, it features two street bands (including Glasgow’s Brass, Aye?) and a group of drummers drawn from our colleagues and existing networks.


Whilst these ensembles include people from a range of backgrounds, classes, genders and sexualities we recognise that many of our immediate professional networks are predominantly made up of white and able-bodied folks. We welcomed feedback that the music video does not include the diversity of faces and voices that it should, given Scotland’s diverse population and the global nature of the climate emergency. We intend to address this and seek to engage a wider range of communities and participants in all of our future work. We would like to acknowledge those who wanted more from this video. We hear you and we’re sorry. And we’d love for you to get involved in the next stages!


What happens next?

Like everyone at the end of 2020 we are trying to catch our breath and make sense of the year – and the coming one. Now that our pilot phase is complete we’re chasing resources to  really allow this project to take flight.

We plan to make the music and learning resources as accessible as possible, support the creation of specific new adaptations and iterations of ‘Enough is Enough’, nurture international links, particularly with community-based music and arts groups and organisations in the Global South and partner with grassroots organisations to deliver outreach or education work linked to the project. We hope to support live performance of the piece in any way we can.

We have loads of ideas and you have sent through hundreds as well, so we will be weaving these all together for our next steps.


How might ‘Enough is Enough’ link to COP26?

We are excited to explore if there are ways that a mass musical response in the lead up to COP26 might generate real change on the ground – both in terms of the immediate climate emergency, and the economic systems which contribute to it.

The idea of a creative response to COP26 has limitless possibilities! We know many groups will take the idea and run with it independently – and can’t wait to see the results of this. The more varied the better!

We also know that there are many individuals and groups who would love to sing the song or be part of creating and performing new adaptations of the piece, but face barriers to doing this. We are committed to creating as strong a framework to support these groups as we can.

We continue to welcome your ideas for how to ensure that a collective musical response is as positive, inclusive and impactful as possible in the lead up to COP26. Please get in touch

You can also register your interest in the project here, and we’ll be back in touch with those who do in March or April next year. Our hope is that fully accessible learning resources and further support options will be in place by then.

We encourage you to get together in your own communities and networks and create adaptations if the song chimes for you. One of the things we are most excited about is the possibility of varied & contrasting interpretations of the piece – including different languages, musical genres, styles and more.

We applaud the many thousands of community arts and music projects across the globe that are already deeply engaged with the climate crisis at grassroots level. 


Here’s to creativity, risk taking, learning and making together in a world that places climate justice at the centre.

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