Music has an incredible power to unite. It is a fantastic and effective tool for creating meaningful shared experiences. We have worked with a host of organisations, companies and businesses to create accessible and rewarding activities, using music as a tool for bringing people together. Whether you’d like something structured and challenging, or just a fun shared experience away from the office, Oi Musica can create bespoke team events to suit any organisation, big or small.

We offer a range of activities, from samba drumming to larger scale musical events, including choirs, brass sections, tuned percussion and more. We’d be delighted to work with you to create the perfect day for your organisation. Just get in touch!

I have learned how much can be achieved with a group in a very short space of time – it was a very impressive performance by your team, and was certainly one of the most memorable occasions I can recall! The evening will go down in Proserv history! Many thanks and I hope we get to work together again.– Steve Howe, Principal Consultant, People Positive


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