PJP with Kinetika Bloco

Through Spring 2022 we were delighted to work with Kinetika Bloco to prepare a parading performance for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Pageant in London on Sunday 5 June.
Youth company in residence at London's Southbank Centre, Kinetika Bloco have been creating exciting carnival performance experiences for young people across South London for over 20 years. Our collaboration involved Oi Musica putting together a group of 30 experienced parading musicians from across Scotland, to boost Kinetika Bloco's numbers and create the UK's largest ever sousaphone section! A formidable dozen-strong wall of sousaphones - prompting BBC commentators to call our troupe the Loudest Band during the live broadcast of the event!
We loved the rehearsals on a big playing filed in South Londoin as much as the Central London parade!