The Big Social Stomp

One of our Lockdown projects that we produced in May 2020 – with 8 pro musicians and over 50 body percussionists – so much fun!

** Open invite for anyone & everyone to get involved in our next film **

All you need to do learn a simple body rhythm, film yourself and send it to us to by 5pm on 13/5/20 (next Wednesday). Everyone welcome!

But you do need to follow our step-by-step guide below. You’ll need 3 things: a set of headphones with as long a cable as possible, a device to listen to our guide track on (to be sure you’re playing in time when you film yourself) and a smartphone to film on. We never like to limit music activities to set ages – but as a rough guide this is probably suitable from about age 7 upwards. Don’t let that stop your mad 6 year-old drummers from having a go though!

What to do:

1. Take your time to learn the body percussion sequence from the tutorial video above – make sure you’re totally confident playing it before moving to the next step.

2. Have a listen to the guide tracks below. You need to film yourself playing along to the right tempo (speed), so the next thing to do is practise playing with our guide track in your headphones. Don’t worry about filming yet, just get really comfortable with playing along in time. If it takes a while – no stress! The guide track is a touch faster than Oli teaches in the video.

3. Film yourself doing the sequence in time with the guide track in your headphones. Between 4-8 rounds of the rhythm is plenty. That’s 4-8 times of the phrase ‘Cappucino – frothy milky coffee’.

4. Please film yourself as follows: portrait (with your phone long ways, not sideways), with plenty of light, against a white or plain backdrop if possible, including from top of your head to your knees. Try to fill the frame if you can (no big blank spaces around you). Extra points for smiling, dancing, having fun – or just totally being yourself, whatever that means for you! Don’t worry about it being perfect. Outtakes are also welcome!!

5. Please use WeTransfer to send your clip to Go to on your phone and the website will walk you through how to share a file using email.

For under 16s, clips MUST come from your parent or carer’s email address, with a message that includes the parent name, child’s name and age. We won’t publish names, but we do need parent permission before posting your film on YouTube.


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